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What is Your Time Horizon?

What Is Your Time Horizon? Different goals have different time horizons. Some are short term—such as establishing an emergency fund—and some are long term, like retirement. Tackling all your savings goals at once is unrealistic, so you should prioritize. The most immediate savings goal is your emergency fund. Experts recommend that you have an emergency fund sufficient to cover six months living expenses. Assets in the emergency fund should be very liquid such as cash in a savings account or in a money market fund. You may need a bigger emergency fund in some circumstances: If you may face hurdles when looking for a new job, such as geographic restrictions or the need for flexibility in terms of travel or work hours. If you have health issues or a dependent with special needs. If you dip into your emergency fund, replenish it as soon as possible. Saving enough for retirement…

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Most Americans are financially unprepared for an emergency. Whatever the type, emergencies can have a profound impact on your finances. There are steps you can take to prepare for the unexpected—whatever that may be. Cameron Huddleston “7 Emergencies That Could Bankrupt You — And How to Plan” 7 Emergencies That Could Bankrupt You — And How to Plan

Guest on Chuck Jaffe’s MoneyLife

Nancy Doyle was a guest on Chuck Jaffe’s MoneyLife Managing your financial life can seem intimidating. Many women don’t know how or where to start. Nancy Doyle was a guest today on Chuck Jaffe’s MoneyLife. She discussed why women need to be actively involved in managing their financial lives and how they can overcome their anxiety about money and investing.

Nancy Doyle is quoted in US NEWS

Nancy Doyle is quoted in US NEWS For estate planning, evaluate whether or not you or a loved one would benefit from a financial caregiver. There are many considerations, starting with who is the best “key person” to fit your needs. The time is now to have these important discussions. Carlson, Debbie: “Why You Need a Financial Caregiver” US NEWS See link below: US NEWS

Guest Article on the Benefits of a Financial Spring Cleaning

DAILY HERALD BUSINESS LEDGER Nancy Doyle’s guest column in the Daily Herald Business Ledger Tax season is right around the corner. It is the perfect time of year for a financial spring cleaning. Just like when you go through your closet to determine what to keep and what to toss, you can do the same with your financial life. Doyle, Nancy: “Time for a financial spring cleaning” Daily Herald Business Ledger See link below: Daily Herald Business Ledger

Manage Your Financial Life Recommended for Those Approaching Retirement

Manage Your Financial Life is recommended as one of three books that are ideal for those approaching retirement – along with works by Jane Bryant Quinn and Barbara Bradley Hagerty. Ms. Kidd Stewart highlights the comprehensive approach outlined in the book. Janet Kidd Stewart: “The Journey: Books for Retirees or Those Getting Close” Australian Financial Review See link below: Australian Financial Review