Educate Yourself

Fundamental Concepts

These fundamental concepts will provide a foundation for understanding investments, markets, and investment strategies. Supply and Demand The value of an item depends not on what you paid for it, but on what someone else would be willing to pay for it today. What someone is willing to pay is related to supply and demand. For example, if there is a fixed supply of something, and the demand for it increases, then the price will increase. If demand for something remains constant, and there is an increase in supply, the price will decrease. Yield, Total Return, and Compounding For any asset, yield is the income earned (interest or dividends) divided by the price of the asset, such as a bond or a share of stock. Price and yield move in opposite directions. If a $100 bond earns 5 percent interest, it earns $5 on a $100 asset, or $5 divided…