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Importance of Maintaining a Sell Discipline

When you make an investment, you rely on an investment thesis. The investment thesis is based on company fundamental attributes and valuation. Why is a particular stock attractive? Is there a catalyst that will improve earnings? Will the company benefit from a changing competitive landscape? Are there operational or regulatory risks on the horizon? Is the valuation attractive? Being disciplined and considering both fundamentals and valuation are essential when investing in stocks. Being undisciplined and only focusing on fundamentals or on valuation could have negative consequences. For some “hot” sectors, exuberance and a “fear of missing out” can elevate valuations across the board beyond reasonable levels. At the same time, there is a difference between buying a stock that is misunderstood or out of favor and buying a stock that is declining in value for a valid reason. Changing Fundamentals A change in fundamentals will have an impact on your…

Creative Approaches to Philanthropy

Managing your financial life also involves philanthropy, or investing in others. November is a time when we all think about giving back. There are many facets to philanthropy besides contributing financially. We have numerous opportunities to support important causes and not all involve money. You can donate items, give your time, or share a talent. In this guest column for the Daily Herald Business Ledger, I profile two impactful organizations that enable you to give in innovative ways. Check out the full article below: 

Fianancial Advice: Things Women Over 40 Should Know About Money

Karen Doyle quoted me in an article she published on, on Money Facts women over 40 should know. Educating yourself about finance and investing is important for all of us, especially for women. During our lifetime, most of us go through transitions with a financial impact – marriage, homeownership, parenthood, starting a business, divorce, widowhood. In her piece, “40 Things Women Over 40 Need to Know About Money”, Karen Doyle shares financial advice for women in middle life and beyond. The 40 points raised – mine and those of other financial experts – address many essential topics all women should consider as they plan for their future. Check out the full article below.

Savvy Financial Advice For Women Book profiled on Niecyisms & Nestlings

Manage Your Financial Life was reviewed by Niecyisms & Nestlings where the reviewer, Murray Wong noted that “Manage Your Financial Life is a comprehensive, yet basic approach for women, and of course, men to utilize as a framework for building their financial profiles.” The review is light and incredibly entertaining. Check out the full review below. 

Fundamental Concepts

These fundamental concepts will provide a foundation for understanding investments, markets, and investment strategies. Supply and Demand The value of an item depends not on what you paid for it, but on what someone else would be willing to pay for it today. What someone is willing to pay is related to supply and demand. For example, if there is a fixed supply of something, and the demand for it increases, then the price will increase. If demand for something remains constant, and there is an increase in supply, the price will decrease. Yield, Total Return, and Compounding For any asset, yield is the income earned (interest or dividends) divided by the price of the asset, such as a bond or a share of stock. Price and yield move in opposite directions. If a $100 bond earns 5 percent interest, it earns $5 on a $100 asset, or $5 divided…