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Creative Approaches to Philanthropy

Managing your financial life also involves philanthropy, or investing in others. November is a time when we all think about giving back. There are many facets to philanthropy besides contributing financially. We have numerous opportunities to support important causes and not all involve money. You can donate items, give your time, or share a talent. In this guest column for the Daily Herald Business Ledger, I profile two impactful organizations that enable you to give in innovative ways. Check out the full article below: 

WGN Radio Wintrust Business Lunch – How millennials can save a million dollars for retirement

On August 1st, Nancy Doyle was a guest on WGN Radio Wintrust Business Lunch. The topic was how millennials can save a million dollars. It is important to start early and be consistent. Save and invest every year. You also must be disciplined. Once you invest that money, you cannot touch it. Last, use reasonable assumptions for annual investment returns, or what you expect to earn on your money every year. Note – the segment begins at 23:45. WGN Radio Wintrust Business Lunch

Savvy Financial Advice For Women Book profiled on Niecyisms & Nestlings

Manage Your Financial Life was reviewed by Niecyisms & Nestlings where the reviewer, Murray Wong noted that “Manage Your Financial Life is a comprehensive, yet basic approach for women, and of course, men to utilize as a framework for building their financial profiles.” The review is light and incredibly entertaining. Check out the full review below. 

Financial Advice For Women In Various Stages of Life

It was an honor to be part of the Evanston Literary Festival. I discussed managing your finances through life transitions. I was the first of three female authors featured that day as part of Piven Theatre’s Women’s Voices Project, a year-long initiative in tandem with Piven’s 45th anniversary. They noted that the financial advice found in my book as a “comprehensive resource invaluable–and you find yourself coming back to it again and again.”  Read the full review below. Nancy Doyle: Manage Your Financial Life Is it time to take control of your financial life? Nancy Doyle offers an objective and straightforward perspective based on a wealth of professional and personal experience. In Manage Your Financial Life: A Thoughtful, Organized Approach for Women, she shares a practical and easy-to-understand system for getting organized, analyzing your financial profile, educating yourself about investing, and putting your money to work. Whether you’re going through a transition–parenthood, home…

Life Events That Could Bankrupt You. Are You Prepared?

Cameron Huddleston published a piece entitled “7 Emergencies That Could Bankrupt You — And How to Plan” on I’m quoted Most Americans are financially unprepared for an emergency. Whatever the type, emergencies can have a profound impact on your finances. There are steps you can take to prepare for the unexpected—whatever that may be. Cheak out the full post below. 

Estate Planning: Do You Need a Financial Caregiver?

I was quoted in an awesome article published by US News on estate planning. One thing to consider for estate planning is wheater or not you or a loved one would benefit from a financial caregiver. There are many considerations, starting with who is the best “key person” to fit your needs. The time is now to have these important discussions. Check out the full article below. 

Investing in Others

Be Thoughtful About Giving Back Consider having a family giving policy or charitable mission statement and prioritize the causes you wish to support financially. Evaluate donations the same way that you analyze investments. Look for organizations that use resources efficiently so your donation dollars will have the biggest impact. Analyze the percentage of donations to an organization that are used to cover administrative and fundraising expenses. The percentage of donations spent on administration and fundraising should be available in a charity’s literature. You can visit Charity Navigator at and look up a charity. The Better Business Bureau also rates charities.   Keep Track of Donations Keep track of this year’s donations and the acknowledgments, thank you letters, and emails, in a current year tax file, which makes it easier to recall donations at tax time. Note the date, amount, and check number (if you wrote a check) on the…

Philanthropy Tips: Giving Tuesday and All Year Long

I was recently quoted in US News on the subject of Philanthropy. For people who are interested in a charity,  the more transparent organizations are on their websites, the better. Once donors find an organization that aligns with their passion, they need to look at the charity’s financial health, commitment to be accountable and transparent and look to see if the results of the charity’s work bring about the changes they’re hoping to accomplish. Check out the full article below.