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Financial Managment Tip: Venture Philantrophy

Philanthropy is a key part of financial management. With so many causes to support it’s important to leverage the best process possible to maximize the impact of your giving. I was interviewed by the Daily Herald on a new term used to describe a more deliberate approach to Philanthropy; “Venture Philanthropy.”  Check out the full article below. Practicing venture philanthropy Increasingly, individuals are taking a more hands on, engaged approach to philanthropy. Some refer to it as venture philanthropy, due to its similarity to venture capital. Venture capitalists invest in early stage, rapidly growing companies. They play an active role advising the companies and usually serve on the board of directors. Venture capitalists expect management to use capital wisely, grow, and, eventually, achieve specific benchmarks. Set priorities Like venture capital, venture philanthropy represents a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to giving. Venture philanthropists regard donations as investments. Rather than support…

Demystifying – Bullish or Bearish

The terms bullish and bearish are used to describe an outlook for financial markets. A bull thrusts his horns up when he does battle. A bear swings his or her arms down when he or she fights. If you are bullish, you think that the market will rise. The term bull market is often used to describe a continuous period of rising values. If you are bearish, you think that the market will decline. A correction is often used to describe a decline of 10 percent or more in the market. Some investors refer to a decline of more than 20 percent as a bear market.