Good to Know

Creative Approaches to Philanthropy

Managing your financial life also involves philanthropy, or investing in others. November is a time when we all think about giving back. There are many facets to philanthropy besides contributing financially. We have numerous opportunities to support important causes and not all involve money. You can donate items, give your time, or share a talent. In this guest column for the Daily Herald Business Ledger, I profile two impactful organizations that enable you to give in innovative ways. Doyle, Nancy: “Creative Approaches to Philanthropy” Daily Herald Business Ledger See link below: Daily Herald Business Ledger

Demystifying – Bullish or Bearish

The terms bullish and bearish are used to describe an outlook for financial markets. A bull thrusts his horns up when he does battle. A bear swings his or her arms down when he or she fights. If you are bullish, you think that the market will rise. The term bull market is often used to describe a continuous period of rising values. If you are bearish, you think that the market will decline. A correction is often used to describe a decline of 10 percent or more in the market. Some investors refer to a decline of more than 20 percent as a bear market.