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Things Women Over 40 Should Know About Money

Educating yourself about finance and investing is important for all of us, especially for women. During our lifetime, most of us go through transitions with a financial impact – marriage, homeownership, parenthood, starting a business, divorce, widowhood. In her piece, “40 Things Women Over 40 Need to Know About Money”, Karen Doyle shares financial advice for women in middle life and beyond. The 40 points raised – mine and those of other financial experts – address many essential topics all women should consider as they plan for their future. Karen Doyle “40 Things Women Over 40 Should Know About Money” 40 Thing Women Over 40 Need to Know About Money

Review of Manage Your Financial Life on

For women, getting your financial house in order can feel intimidating. Many don’t know how or where to start. Holly Osterman discusses the four main steps outlined in Manage Your Financial Life – Get Organized, Analyze Your Financial Profile, Educate Yourself About Investing, and Invest Your Money. Women can overcome their anxiety about money and become actively engaged in charting the course for themselves and their financial future.

WGN Radio Wintrust Business Lunch – How millennials can save a million dollars for retirement

On August 1st, Nancy Doyle was a guest on WGN Radio Wintrust Business Lunch. The topic was how millennials can save a million dollars. It is important to start early and be consistent. Save and invest every year. You also must be disciplined. Once you invest that money, you cannot touch it. Last, use reasonable assumptions for annual investment returns, or what you expect to earn on your money every year. Note – the segment begins at 23:45. WGN Radio Wintrust Business Lunch

Mange Your Financial Life profiled on Niecyisms & Nestlings

Denise Murray Wong profiled Manage Your Financial Life on her widely-read blog, Niecyisms & Nestlings in a post “Financial Investments Any Savvy Woman (or Man) Will Take to the Bank”. She highlights the straightforward, four-step approach outlined in the book, which she regards as a “valuable resource for all of us”. Here is a link to her blog: Niecyisms & Nestlings

Nancy Doyle was a guest on WBBM’s Noon Business Hour

WBBM’s Noon Business Hour for 7/12/2017 On July 12th, Nancy Doyle was a guest on WBBM Newsradio Noon Business Hour. The topic was important retirement milestones. Take advantage of catch-up provisions starting at age 50 that allow you to put away even more money for retirement.  For 401(k) and 403(b) plans, those over 50 can save an extra $6,000 for retirement, or up to $24,000.  For IRA and Roth IRAs, the catch-up provision is $1,000 on top of the $5,500 you can put away each year. At what age you start collecting social security has a big impact on the size of the payments for both you and a spouse that may survive you. Keep these milestones in mind as you plan for the future. Note – the segment begins at 19:55.

Nancy Doyle is quoted in US NEWS

For Millennial’s, retirement can seem a long way off. It is never too early to start planning. The idea of saving $1 million for retirement can seem like a lofty goal, but it is attainable if you are disciplined. It is also important to use realistic assumptions for returns and keep fees low. Carlson, Debbie: “A Millennial’s Guide to Saving $1 Million” US NEWS See link below: US News